Known Bugs and Missing Features in Beta

Well, this game is now on beta. However, you'd still expect there to be game-breaking behaviour that isn't handled properly. Some of these are:

  1. Fatal Errors: If your client falls to their death and exits from the level, hitting the escape button will cause the game to crash with a message saying "Fatal Error!" and not much else.
  2. Success/Failure upon completing the level: There's no reasonable behaviour when you complete the level by hopping onto the glowing cube or dying by falling off. For now, returning to the main menu may be a way to manually exit, but due to the first bug, this still needs to be resolved.
  3. Client never joins level: This may happen due to slow internet. Not too much to do here. .-.
    (You may try to play on LAN/WiFi, that may allow a smoother experience.)

Let me know if there's anything else to change by mailing me at my email address or commenting below.


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