Known Bugs and Missing Features in Alpha

Well, since this game is still in alpha, you'd expect there to be game-breaking behaviour that isn't handled properly. Some of these are:

  1. The lack of UI: There's an ever pervasive lack of UI elements to ease gameplay, respawn or change graphics settings on the fly. If the host dies and quits his game, the client's instance will freeze.
  2. Spawning issues: Players can be made to respawn inside the puzzle level if they use the console to Join back. This could cause players to spawn on the wrong side. The only way around this right now is to restart the entire level - explore this a bit please!
  3. Console key doesn't work: The console may not open when you hit the tilde/back tick (~/`) key on your keyboard. The solution would be a proper GUI or another key to open the console. It may have to do with the default Unreal Engine installation too, since it works perfectly for me in my packaged edition.

Let me know if there's anything else to change by mailing me at my email address or commenting below.


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