A downloadable game for Windows

Hello again!

Haven't cooked for other platforms yet! This is Windows-64 bit only, for now.

Check out my post on adjusting graphics settings if the game isn't running satisfactorily on your device. The latest release should have the settings placed exactly where you'd want it, at high level (that's a 2).

If you have an Unreal Engine build >= 4.16 check out some other stuff I've done - active development and source code at my GitLab profile.

Might think of a Linux version, would be delighted if someone builds the Mac one for me!

Install instructions

  • Unzip archive (this important if in case you want to access some basic settings).
  • Run WindowsNoEditor\TL4_TestingGrounds.exe


TL4_TestingGrounds_alpha3_x64.zip 417 MB

Development log